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    If you check your mail using a POP3 mail client (such as Outlook Express),
    it will download and delete the mail from your WebMail inbox.

    If you want to be able to download the mail using POP3 and also
    leave it on the server so you can see it with WebMail, you will need
    to adjust the settings in your POP3 client to tell it not to delete
    mail after downloading.

    For example, to configure this in Outlook Express you would go to
    Tools -> Accounts -> Mail -> Properties -> Advanced
    and then tick the box
    'Leave a copy of message on server'

  • Please Change your Default Password !!

    If you want to change password please login to your webmail
    and then klik option -> Change Password

    For further assistance please contact CyComTech, Inc.
    CyComTech Building, Jl. Raya Tajur No.301 - BOGOR
    Customer Service: (62-21) 99 25 1978 or e-Mail: adminatcycomtech.net

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